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A Guided Online Mentorship for Mothers
and Daughters to connect with each other and grow with a tribe of like-minded women


Our events cater to moms or mother figures with daughters ages 12-19. Spots are limited for each group and event, so book your call today to learn more!

Hey Moms,

We all know the saying, “My little girl is growing up too fast.”

And often we don’t realize just how true this statement is until we approach the teenage years.

As our daughters get older, you start to notice a distance forming.

You want to make sure that all the values you’ve worked to instill stick and that she goes down the right path.

You hope that she maintains her confidence and her faith as she goes through these transformative years.

You hope that she maintains her confidence and her faith as she goes through these transformative years.

And you pray that you’ve done enough to make her recognize her own potential, beauty, and strength in this crazy world.

You’re not alone.

As a mom, I’ve experienced all these same feelings first-hand.

And I realized something amazing.

Your daughter still needs you now…more than ever!

No matter if her inclination is to hide in her room or push you away, she still craves a relationship with you as much as you do.

She just might not know how to express it right now.

So, you have to find the best way to connect with her through these difficult years to ensure she stays on the right path.

I remember how difficult it was for me to overcome some of my biggest challenges in life.

But, with the support of my tribe, the wisdom of my mentors, and a lot of determination, I was able to transform myself from an injured young surfer to a powerful, unstoppable champion.

I’m raising my children to become unstoppable too, positioning myself as their most important mentor.

And I’m sharing exactly how I’m doing that with a group of mothers and daughters through my ‘Ohana Mother Daughter Experience.

I’m excited and proud to offer an exclusive bonding experience for mothers and daughters to strengthen their connections, establish mentorship roles, and connect with like-minded mothers and daughters from all over the world.

In the ‘Ohana Mother Daughter Experience, you’ll build the tools you need to make a real impact with twelve live online sessions with your daughter and other mother-daughter pairs.

Then, you enjoy a mother-daughter getaway where you’ll get to connect in person with other mother-daughter pairs and me.

Because I want to make sure that each pair has the individual attention needed, each retreat is limited to small number of mother-daughter pairs.

I know that it can be a challenge to set aside time in our busy schedules.

But, it’s important to prioritize what’s really important in life.

And your connection with your daughter is one of the most important relationships that both of you will ever have in your lifetime.

In the spirit of ‘Ohana, this course is designed around the power and impact of family relationships, faith, and upholding personal values.

You know the dangers and temptations of the world, so I want to empower you to mentor your daughter to navigate the world with grace, strength, clarity, and joy.

We’ll dive into critical conversations to help her choose the right path and uphold her values. And I’ll show you how to equip yourself as her primary, trusted mentor.

Please join me with your daughter to create an experience that will impact your relationship for decades to come.

I’d love to meet you there!

Join me for a 90-day program to establish yourself as a loving mentor for your daughter that she can turn to at any time.

Build a tribe of like-minded mother-daughter pairs that you can rely on for support, encouragement, and fruitful relationships.


Learn how to position yourself as a lifelong mentor to your daughter

Gain a supportive community of moms with similar values

Deepen your relationship so she wants to come to you


Get personally mentored by Bethany Hamilton to overcome life’s challenges

Build community with talented and kind young women

Embrace the person God made you to be and build confidence


Strengthen your 
mother-daughter bond while having fun

Create memories that will last a lifetime and show your dedication to each other

Gain clarity, strength, and purpose all rooted in faith

Embark on an experience
that will become a favorite memory

“Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother.”

The ‘Ohana Mother Daughter Experience: A mentorship journey that strengthens your relationship and builds confidence

— Unknown

For Moms and daughters ages 12-19
Spots are limited

Girl Talk with Bethany!

Weekly live zoom sessions with Bethany and other mother-daughter pairs.

Grab a fuzzy blanket and your favorite hot beverage, because it’s time for a digital girls night. From fun bonding activities to deep conversations about important topics, these sessions create a comfortable setting where your daughter can develop lifelong skills while bonding with the community of girls and, of course, you!

Part 2: The In Person Experience

Take a Mother Daughter Trip and Meet Bethany 

Enjoy an unforgettable vacation while building your connection. With a retreat at one of several beautiful destinations, you and your daughter will get the chance to relax and connect with your tribe. Each retreat is limited to a small group of mother-daughter pairs to ensure plenty of attention, time for questions, and comfort.

Get Ahead of the Wave

What Do Moms
Think of the Experience?


Part 1: The Mentorship Program

We all hope that our daughters will have a perfect life free from obstacles and struggle. But, you can only guarantee that you can prepare her to handle anything that comes her way. Think of it like surfing. She might be able to ride the wave or she could get caught in the impact zone. You won’t be able to stop rough waters from coming her way, but you can prepare her so that she can get ahead of the wave.

Any obstacle in life can be a wave and some might knock her down. But, right now, she needs her “training” more than ever so she can go out with confidence. During her teenage and young adult years, she will face a lot of waves. So, she will need her relationship with you and God more than ever to ensure she can stay standing when she can and pick herself up when she needs to. By taking the time now to instill these values and strengthen your relationship as her mentor, you are allowing her to get ahead of the wave.

We loved the time it allowed for my daughter and me to set aside each week. The ongoing friendships we have kept beyond this experience are the biggest treasures for both of us. It was really like getting together with friends, including Bethany.

- Tasha H

You know, you only live once and you only have a short amount of time before your kids grow up. They move on out of the house. So I think that it's super important to grow in that relationship with your children. I think God created us to be mothers who are role models. And to just love our children. This experience has been nothing but that.

- Karen B

It’s exactly what you need! It’s topics that daughters go through. It’s up to date, all the things as moms need help with. We never had this type of technology, social media and all of those things. We are learning too and I think having experts to help along the way has made it amazing. If you’re on the fence about it, climb over it. Be unstoppable and like we always say if you’re going to do something be all in.

- Kristin F

The topics were timely and super helpful. It was a special time for my daughter and I to set aside and bond. It opened up a line of communication we didn't always pursue before, so I appreciated that so much.

The experts were all super helpful and accessible. As a parent, the best part for me was seeing spirituality and Christ-based themes as the main factor. I know Bethany doesn't love being a role model but having her influence as a Christian woman in my daughter's life was truly remarkable and such a blessing.

Over this past year, I've seen her go from a doubting young Christian teen to actively following Bible plans and saving verses to help keep her centered. I really can't thank you enough for using your gifts to help others in their journey of faith. We loved the open discussions, prayer time, and getting to hear Bethany's personal reflections and thoughts.

- Abby H

Dove and I both enjoyed the online course. The material was perfectly appropriate for her as a 6th grader. We learned much and loved the positive ways the topics were presented. Dove enjoyed just having time set aside to be together.

- Sally H

The zoom calls have given me and her a tool box that we are able to use for years. Some of them I wish I had when she was little or when I was her age.

- Tonia S

The ‘Ohana Experience has been so amazing for my daughter and I. It has given me tools to better communicate with my daughter and our relationship has improved. I’m so thankful for this experience and the opportunity to hang out with Bethany.  The speakers are incredible. I can’t stop taking notes! I’m grateful for all the other wonderful moms and girls that we’ve journeyed with. Mostly, I am so appreciative that my own relationship with my 13 year old daughter has deepened!

- Lyndsey

If you have thought about it, and if you have any reservations about it. Don’t hold back. Almost every mom here who I have spoken with had reservations or thought of things, but God provides a way for everyone and made it possible for those that if it was laying on your heart it was meant to be. So absolutely do it.

- Karen B

The entire experience has been incredible because going off to college I’ve been able to meet with my mom on zoom calls.

It has been life-changing honestly, it has brought us intentional time together which you don’t get very much when your child is a teenager.

All the people are incredible and we have formed relationships that will last a lifetime.

- Ginger

The ‘Ohana experience has been a chance to have something beautiful in common and meet other Mom’s and Daughters in the same season of life.It’s been a great investment in our relationship and an unique experience and more than I would have ever dreamt of.

- Maria

It is a commitment, it totally is a time commitment, it’s a financial commitment. I know there can be sticker shock. But now that I’m here,  I look back all that was put into it and realize why and I’m like okay yeah this make sense. I did some mental math and  this is really an amazing investment. You’re investing in your future, your daughters future, you’re investing into your relationship, you are investing what matters most.

- Melanie H

Also Included with the
‘Ohana Mother Daughter Experience

Lasting friendships with mothers and daughters that share your values

Mentorship for mothers and coaching for daughters  

An experience that you will never forget

Are You Ready to Become the Most Important Guide in Your Daughter’s Life?

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What does it cost?

 Due to the variety of destinations and packages available, our ‘Ohana team will help you determine the package best for you. Click the button below to learn more about the available mother-daughter offerings for you and your daughter and to get pricing quotes.


For Moms and daughters ages 12-19
Spots are limited

Mentorship that is fun for your daughter and insightful for you

Join Bethany Hamilton for Faith-Inspired Program Like No Other.

Surf, laugh, swim, chat, and bond with Bethany and your small group of mother-daughter pairs… and leave with a stronger relationship between yourself and your daughter.


For Moms and daughters ages 12-19
Spots are limited

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